Wyches + Dreadnaught = ???

By Shin

Hey all Shin here again and just reporting another Battle Report as I start to get the feeling for the Dark Ones. First off, now that I re-read the codex completely I won’t make the mistakes of over rolling for Combat Drugs, etc. I decided to try a few new things, and I’m still waiting for the day I can be fully mechanized *Damn you bills!*.

1250 Spearhead/ Capture & Control vs. Dark Angels
Archon – 100 Points
• Clone Field
• Agoniser
Incubi X 5 – 140 Points
• Klaivex
• Bloodstone
• Onslaught
Raider – 70 Points
• Flickerfield
• Shredder Cannon
Haemonculus w/ 10 Wracks – 180 Points
• Liquefier gun X 2
• Acothyst
10 Wracks – 130 Points
• Liquefier gun X 2
• Acothyst
Wyches X10 - 140 Points
• Hekatrix
• Power weapon
• Shardnet
• Razorflails
Raider – 70 Points
• Flicker Field
• Shredder Cannon
Wyches X10 – 150 Points
• Hekatrix
• Power Weapon
• Haywire Grenades
• Shardnet
• Razorflails
Haemonculus W Trueborn X 10 – 245 Points
• Dracon
• Dark Lance X 2
• Shredder X 4

Looked like another semi-mirror of the last report I did. I really would like a game of Kill Points or something, but then again this mission teaches me how to abuse terrain.

I get a game against the marines I love SO MUCH! *See sarcasm* Well so to speak, as Dark Angels already have the most meh codex when compared to Space Wolves or Blood Angels. I say this in humor, at my FLGS only one Blood Angel player (the owner of the store) and one Space Wolves player who hasn’t really started running tournament lists so I really need to go to a battle bunker and learn to hate marines. Okay on to the game before I start ranting in a comical fashion. Rolling for who sets up/has the first turn, Tim won but made me deploy and have first turn. I couldn’t seize objective unless I had Vect I my army. Oh and for combat Drugs I roll the re-roll wounds in CC… Razorflails cost almost not worth it.

1st Turn Dark Eldar

I Turbo boost it towards my opponent with the Archons Raider & the Wyches Raider, run the other Wyches into cover, Wracks into cover. My Trueborn hiding in the woods with a Haemonculi fire Dark lances which glance the Dreadnaught and it can’t shoot. I destroyed a weapon on one of his Razorbacks but he made me reroll it *I forget what does this* then I proceed to get nothing. Eventful first turn DE….

1st Turn Dark Angels

Tim moves his stuff around; I’d like to go on record here, Tanks & Heavy weapons teams are my new nightmares as Dark Eldar. Yes I can destroy the tanks etc, but as I’m losing guys left and right I want to say, “its okay I’ll take my we’ll be back…” I have to get that all out of my head lol. As a Necron there was only a few things I actually feared *AP3, Assault, Terminators & Genestealers*. Tim moves up his Land Speeders tries to punch a hole in my raiders with multi meltas, whiffs on the Archons Raider, but hits the Wyches and I of course fail the 4+ save I got from flooring it. It explodes and 3 Wyches die in the process, but this isn’t enough for Tim, he shoots from his TAC squad back at his base a nice plasma cannon… 4 wound I only save one with cover. They fail the pinning from the explosion and I’m stuck in a crater. He has his RB shoot Twin linked Heavy Bolters into my A Raider penetrating but cover save saves the day! Predator shoots into the fresh 10 squad of Wyches in the rocky area killing 3. Dreadnaught pops smoke, another razorback shoots into the previously fresh Wych squad killing 2 more, and I make the save.

2nd Turn Dark Eldar

I want revenge at this point, too many girls died in the first turn.
Raider opens up with Shredder cannon wrecking the Land speeder & lets off its crew who run into a nearby forest. Trueborn squad Immobilize a Razorback and it can’t shoot. The Wyches hiding in the craig area assault the dreadnaught... Right here looked good on paper… They destroy its plasma cannon; it smashes one of the ladies into the ground they are stuck in.

2nd Turn Dark Angels

Rhino moves up, RB moves pops smoke, the wounded RB pops smoke.

Other Land Speeder wants to kill the last raider and succeeds as I fail the 5 up, and it’s wrecked for additional cover. Librarian and his squad of 5 get out of the RB near my Archon and drops a lovely Psychic power I had no idea about rolls up AP3 and Strength 7 *Damnit* which ignores cover kills 2 Incubi right there. TAC squad shooting Plasma cannons at the Wyches hiding in the crater scatter way off but still kill a Wych. Seriously if these ladies survive this game I might have to promote them to Blood brides. Predator decides to open up on the wracks I have relaxing nearby in cover and kills one. Dreadnaught vs. Wyches ends in another missing fest, still stuck.

3rd Turn Dark Eldar

Not much movement on my part just repositioning, Bloodstone shot kills one of the TAC squad with the Libby, Dark Lances whiff on the Rhinos, Incubi & Cratered Wyches jump the Libby squad. Archon wounds the Libby for one, Hekatrix kills 3 marines, rest of the Wyches only kill one, and the Klaivex finishes the job killing the librarian for his insolence in the earlier turn. Pain tokens around! *I want a FAQ as the book is pretty vague, but if two squads fight and kill a squad, do they both get pain tokens? Does the Archon as well?*I give a token to Archon, Incubi and Wyches and we scatter into cover. DN & Wyches continue missing each other.

3rd Turn Dark Angels

Devastator squad pours tons of fire into my Wyches, after saves FNP etc, 3 Wyches die. The squad is now down to a Hekatrix, and 2 Wyches. Wounded Razorback takes cheap shots at the incubi who save everything. Land Speeder tries to Melta my Incubi, we save with Cover. Predator now decides to shoot everything at the Incubi missing almost entirely but succeeds to kill one. Down to Archon, Klaivex and Incubi left. So close to his base… Razorback starts shooting at the Wracks I have camped at my base killing 1. Rhino tries its hand and misses. DN and Wyches continue their slap fight with no results.

4th Turn Dark Eldar

Just trying to get into that Dark Angel’s point while they have a RB and a Rhino with guys converging on my Wracks & Haemonculi holding the point… Trueborns destroy the heavy bolter on the razorback and can’t shoot result. Wyches and Incubi jump the Devastator squad, Hekatrix kills one marine, marines whiff completely, Archon just goes crazy this combat and kills the remaining 4. Pass out the pain! Oh look the Wyches are still fighting the dreadnaught…. 1 glance that gets can’t move/shoot *big deal* DN kills a Wych, still going….

4th Turn Dark Angels

Land Speeder is still trying to pick on the Incubi but it misses. Predator takes its turn at shooting everything at them, only hits 5 times and Saves and FNP take care of that nuisance, but the Archon got clipped for a wound. Razorback bolter picks on the objective holding wracks but they save. Guys in the RB shoot out as well, but can’t wound. Dreadnaught and Wyches do what they do best, completely MISS.

5th Turn Dark Eldar

Trueborn Dark Lances Wreck the RB near my base, I try a liquefier gun into the Land Speeder, I know it’s a long shot but it doesn’t break through… was gambling on AP1. Bloodstone from Klaivex into a TAC squad kills another Marine. Assault from Incubi and Wyches wipe out the last resistance at his base and I bunker in as the predator is still nearby. Dreadnaught actually kills 2 Wyches, but they make the leadership and still stuck.

5th Turn Dark Angels

Predator kills the Wyches at his base. You did good ladies, but in the end their story ended here. Land Speeder doesn’t get off the Incubi’s case but continues missing. Tac Marines got out of the Vehicles near my base and just pour rounds into the wracks, killing 3 but they hold. Dreadnaught kills another Wych but stay stuck in.

The roll off makes the game continues on.

Turn 6

So being under pressure from the marines near my base I move the trueborn as close as I can and fire all 4 of the shredder shots, one scatters but hits the other squad. Killing 2 marines’ total. Splinter shots he saves, Wracks move down closer roll a 3 for AP I could have asked for better, and kills 5 marines, then assaults killing them all and consolidating back into the base. DN & Wyches resume slap fight.

Predator would go on to kill 2 of the wracks on the left flank I was trying to get into his base. Rhino Tank shocks the Wracks towards the marines that are left who assault but are cut down by the wrack. Go poison weapons! The game ends with the DN & Wyches still slapping each other. I hold mine, but he’s not controlling his giving me the win.

Things I got out of this game:

• Haywire grenades aren’t that good against walkers, as the slap fight proved
• Wracks are pretty good objective holders, and liquefier guns are just sick with a 50% chance to kill MEQ troops
• Haemonculi are good cheap tokens, parking them with my Trueborn in the woods is nice.
• I like Shredder Cannons on Raiders against marines. I’ll let the Trueborns or Ravagers lug around the Dark lances.
• Shredders on Trueborn are cheap and relatively decent. Against a Hoard army they’d work pretty well.
I really want to try out Webway portals next, and once I start getting more Raiders Ravagers I want to give fully mechanized a chance. Also after this game my friend told me, “Oh yeah I’m getting 2500 points worth of an IG army for Christmas” that bastard…

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