No Retreat! No Mercy! No Surrender! Part 2?

Well, not really a part two to yesterdays post, but maybe a follow up or quick and short summary. Lots of guys who play netlists know they are netlists and even on a small level there is a sense of superiority that comes with playing these lists.

“I’ve got the best of the best in the game, and what do you have?”

In many ways when you roll up with an off the wall list, or a 3rd/4th edition army you can see their smile grow- you are planning to beat me with that is the feeling?

They are almost expecting you to get blasted off the table, to hide, cower, reserve your army, hug terrain to minimize losses so you can maybe pull off a win or draw. Contempt like this breeds a sense of invincibility.

“No way Necrons can cap me, this will be a full victory with max battle points.”

Turn the tables on them, full attack, throw mathammer out the window for a moment, get in their face (with your models of course) and start wrecking face. You only need a moment to create a shift in momentum when they are taken off guard by what your army can suddenly do, and what you are not supposed to be doing to their army. Follow up, bring their army down to your 3rd/4th edition codex, and then play the mission for the win.

Question is, can you do this in 5-7 turns?

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