New Tyranid Spore Mines WIP?

So I’m not one to normally rip off content, unless it is from Black Matt’s blog (inside joke), but I’m in the market for some new Tyranids spore mines so off to the happy hunting grounds of Google images and the 40K blog-o-sphere...

Not that anything is wrong with the spore mines that I have now- they are fantastic, and work perfectly, more on that in a bit, but I need something more transportable. Right now all my ‘nids are in a gigantic tackle box- so big it doubles as a stool to sit on- perfect for tourneys, but there is no place for the spores. So they go in another box, another box that I have to carry and look after- I want to get everything into one box, lock, stock, and barrel.

That basically only gives me a few inches clearance in the bottom of the box just below the shelves that hold my gaunts and stealers. So I’m aiming for something that has already landed and broken open releasing the bugz. A quick image search leads me to dakka and this:

Seems to work well, looks good, and is easy to make. Key points is getting the bugz cover saves since that is the second reason you use them, only question is the bases/rubble- how to treat them? Not as terrain, so the rubble would actually be part of the pod. Also irregular bases are hard to place.

Traditional spores- ones that look like marine drop pods, get the least arguments from players since they look to be something already to familiar to all players- drop pods. Nick over on his blog has this solution, also looking very good.

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