Mordheim Warband Development: Part I: The Basics

So everybody has their own secret sauce regarding putting together and developing a warband for Mordheim, would I be any different? Let me share with you the filters I use when putting together a warband…

Common Mordheim tactica on the web talks about how the game is different than other skirmish based games, and definably Warhammer 40K & fantasy in that there are TWO phases to winning the game that you have to consider. To come out ahead overall in a campaign you need to do well in both the skirmish battles AND the in between game exploration. Your warband has to be able to do both these things well as you can literally “win” every scenario but still lose the campaign.

Well, I’m here to argue that there is actually a third phase to the game. Not only do I need to win the scenario, I also need to do well in the exploration phase AND I need to shut down your warband in the game so you don’t do well in the exploration phase.

Regardless of the warband I play, official or experimental I’m looking to fill it out in the following ways…

Heroes first, then henchmen, but with balance. Having heroes for the exploration phase is key, but not at the expense of having henchmen in the scenarios to do the dirty work- you don’t want to risk a loss to your hero if needed. So, these are the four “groups” that my warband breaks up into.

Deathstar: This is my powerhouse model, or in some cases model(s). Perfect examples are jacked up possessed or trolls. Hard hitting, scary, and expensive, you might think their job is to go out and kill stuff, and sometimes that is their job. But, what their real job in the group is to project a force bubble. Meaning I’m looking to get said model(s) into position where they can hide/hunker down and block my opponent’s movement- move close and I’ll thump you. Denying parts of the table to your opponent is very critical, especially in a game where the models can work independently of each other. How many points to sink into a deathstar unit? Depends on the faction- enough to make is scary, really scary, but not enough that if you lose it your crippled in the next few scenarios while you struggle to replace it.
Fast Movers: I’ve talked about how you want to keep your warband compact and working together, and how you want to spread your opponent’s out right? Search the archives for that one… Fast moving models create points that your opponent has to react to, counter, and move against. They are also there to get into position so they can “steal” the game at the last moment should the opportunity arise.

Fodder: Henchmen, rank and file. Give them two weapons and call it a day. These are the guys to capture objective markers, numbers in certain scenarios, or to act as blockers, or hordes in launching an attack.

Heroes: In addition to trying and win the mission, I’m also looking to get my heroes into position on the table to get any bonus experience, while using the fodder in my list to make sure they stay alive and active for the exploration phase. Keep in mind, that if you are using your heroes to win the game, or throwing them up against your opponent’s henchmen then maybe a strategy rethink is needed.

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