Harlequins @ The Conflict GT?

I know…I know…I said I wouldn’t bring my Harlequins to the Conflict GT, but of course I’m rethinking that also. I’m really not happy with my performance with them at the last BFS tournament- two wins and two losses vs. proper competative 5th edition armies, when I should have gone three wins and one loss. In my second game vs. T-wolf cavalry spam I got greedy and made a mistake sacrificing a clown squad when I should have played it safe- that loss of victory points to my opponent cost me the game, but it was a critical lesson for me, good medicine to take.

If the missions are similar to last year then I stand a good chance of being able to pull off some cool stuff. No transports aren’t kill points, five objectives each mission standard + other mission objectives NOVA stuff. Good old book based missions…

But here is the conflict with the Conflict. I’ve mentioned how, at least from my tourney perspective you can either bring an all takers type army or something that works off a novelty or trick. Kind of like how T-Wolves abuse the wound allocation to spread them out and keep them alive. My Harlequins operate on that first perspective- units that you can’t kill or shoot at unless you get close, and once you get close the clowns attack. Veil of tears, 2+ covers save with fortune, T8 models in cover, and pinning on everything helps.

That said within my harlie list I’ve written them to take on all armies the best I can. Question is this- do I go with an all comers list, or risk some tweaks which might give me an extra advantage or potentially really really hurt me. Once the list is locked and submitted there is no going back…

Tournament is 1750 points so it is either Eldrad or Maugan-Ra. Eldrad is stock and the best tactical choice- using doom, guide, and fortune to support my units while throwing up runes of warding to piss people off.

Eldrad’s biggest use is to throw doom on a unit that I need to hit. Now in the past when you saw full tactical marine squads with a power fist, etc. I needed doom to make sure they folded in one turn of the assault. Success with clowns is wiping out what you hit on the charge, don’t do that and it ends poorly. But now, with all the razorspam the marines inside are nothing- five stripped down dudes. Of course more MSU is on the table, so I have to try and heard them together to pull of multiple assaults and bring up the wraithlords more, but doom isn’t needed as much for these armies.

Maugan-Ra has also been a gem in these games- exarch powers of stripping away cover saves have been huge. I used to use Mauggy as an assault multiple, and still do, but being up and shooting each turn is so much more valuable for cracking open rhinos.

So, the question is, do I drop Eldrad and psychic support for full on Mauggy support? If I encounter those MSU spam armies I’m good, but if I get paired against a dedicated assault army then I’m sunk.

The next question I’ve been throwing around is pathfinders vs. rangers. The crux of the list is pathfinders with the 2+ cover re-roll from Eldrad. Unless you are assaulting me or hitting me with cover denying attacks, good luck getting rid of the pathfinders, BUT I only have two troop choices. Sure I make it work, but I’d love a third. If I stick with Eldrad then maybe I can get away with three ranger groups throwing fortune on two of them. Cuts down on guide and doom tho.

My stock harlies list are optimized for the game, extend them a bit for an advantage, but gamble with facing certain armies.

If of course I do bring them to the Conflict GT...
I'm feeling Necrons again....maybe I should just throw up a poll and let you guys decide?

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