Conflict GT: Necrons?

Must….not…..bring….Necrons to tournament. Internet….says….they are a fail...

When it comes to trying to figure out what kind of army to bring I’m like a girl trying to pick out a dress for the prom, just can never decide…

For Necrons this is what I was planning on bringing, not that I am, or am not bringing them…

3 X 5 Destroyers
2 X 10 Warriors
1 X 10 Immortals
1 Lord W/ Veil + Pulse

Does what Necrons do best. Take first turn, set up, and start blasting, and blasting, and blasting, using cover saves and WBB rolls to keep the shots going down table. Lord veil around with the immortals and late game warriors for objectives. Pulse is standard equipment for a turn of “free” shooting since there is always at least one night fighting mission.
Now here is the question for my readers-WHY should I bring Necrons to the Conflict GT? Why should I not bring them?
I could just go with warrior horde...

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