Threat Pockets

Parking lot tactics are what helps make mech spam effective- cheap costs, and a very favorable damage chart are the other two factors that make it work. With a parking lot you set your vehicles up in a block, and move them together as a block, of course leaving enough room for your melta spam guys inside to get out if the vehicle goes boom.

What is this so powerful?

As the block of vehicles moves forward and you move into range to shoot it, you are exposing your shooting unit to multiple points of return fire. A made up example to illustrate? My jetbikes move out and get into range to shoot a lead razorbacks with my shuriken cannons. I shoot, who cares what happens for now, and then the six other razorbacks shoot back with their las/plas and wipe out my jetbike unit. By the very nature of coming into range with my models, I’ve exposed them to all my opponent’s models. Now if I have a “cheap” unit (definitely not jetbikes!), maybe it is worth trading one for one, BUT what is most likely to happen- I’ll shoot, stun/shake the lead vehicle, effectively doing NOTHING, and then get blasted back.

One of the ways to try and counter the parking lot is to create threat pockets with your army and force your opponent to spread out to counter them. Break your army down into smaller groups that both have the ability to take out a transport and then deal with the guys inside in a single blow. EX. Jetbikes and vypers working together. Vypers blow it open, jetbikes close and shoot the guys inside. Even better if they don’t kill everybody that spills out so you can assault and tie things up, protecting yourself from shooting, and hopefully finish them in your opponent’s assault phase.

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