Space Marine Scouts

The scouts in the list are there to create opportunity and it reflects in their build- camo cloaks, power fist, missile launcher, bolt pistols and CCW. They are not dedicated to any one roll, but use their infiltrate or outflank to add to the roll that presents itself.

I’m taking first turn and my opponent has castled? Scouts infiltrate to the opposite side of the table to get some side missile shots on those vehicles.

Capture and control, maybe I’ll outflank them and take the gamble that they come on over near my opponent’s objective.

Power fist speedbump? Infiltrate.

Small scoring unit to support with some missile shots and then go to ground on an objective for the 2+ cover save like Eldar pathfinders?

Generally just be annoying. “Powerful” enough to be annoying and devote some resources to killing, but not enough that you as an opponent want to focus your army on- you have better and more important things to kill then my scouts, so just ignore them…

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