Space Marine Predator

Ok, next up is the predator- my feelings on them are pick one or the other- infantry slayer of anti-tank, and plan on paying the points for the side weapons AND a storm bolter. Shots are shots, and you want to throw as much as you can down the table. Tactically I want to leverage that front AV 13 in cover, and this model really isn’t a “tank” but more of a bunker that you get to place on the table. Moving means not shooting, and I want to shoot everything each turn if I can.

Secondary to this is mobile terrain- using the footprint of the model to get cover saves for any tactical squads behind it, or end game when you need to advance to take an objective. Tank shocking is in there also, but not as a primary tactic like with my fast moving Saim-Hann, but more of an opportunity that may or may not present itself as my opponent closes.

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