Space Marine Gunline Horde?

Back when I was a fledgling Eldar commander the army that I feared the most was Tau. My arrogance didn’t match their firepower and they blasted farther and further then my star cannons and brightlances ever could. So many close battles, including an epic Saim-Hann vs. Tau battle at both past GW GT’s.

What about Tau now, not that this is a Tau article, but why aren’t they the king of the gunline anymore? Has that title passed to SM and IG armies? What about possible revisiting some of those popular gunline armies of 3rd and early 4th edition? I’ve been playing around with some ideas on it, having recently resurrected my Hawk Lords. I’m not going to go in this direction with them, but I’ll throw out the idea if you guys want to throw it around and run with it.
Maximum overkill?

Adapt for CSM, BA, SW, etc.

Three tiers for the army, maximum firepower, supporting shots, and blockers. Three full squads of devastators with las cannons and missile launchers. Pricey, yes, but we aren’t buying any vehicles or land raiders/terminators so it evens out over the army build. These guys go in the back (duh) and start off by breaking open transports with the range of the las and missiles. Las is king for this, but then mid game when all the razor/chimera spam is popped you switch to frag, you are also well armed for monstrous creatures for the few dudes bringing Tyranids, AND soon to be Dark Eldar.

Next up is the scoring tactical squads- three or four groups depending on the points, power fist, plasma gun for the special, and las/plasma cannons for the heavy. They go just head of the devs and start with de-meching also, later switching to anti-infantry with the plasma cannons. Plasma guns are there for the 24” range since melta range will take way to long.

And then finally the blocker units- scouts. Large numbers, camo cloaks, power fists, and more missile launchers. Their job is to act as fodder to slow your opponent and keep them busy while you blast away with the devs and the tactical. Why scouts? Two reasons- infiltrate and Dark Eldar. Infiltrating allows you to bypass deployment and start mid field with them, effectively putting them between your opponent and power armored marines. Sure they can shoot, but their ideal role is to go to ground in cover for the 2+ save and create pockets your opponent has to deal with. They want to be full battle brothers in the chapter- let them earn it! Also regarding Dark Eldar…

You guys have been waiting for my thoughts on Dark Eldar, well Jawaballs and myself are busy at work with some lists and ideas, and he has sworn me to secrecy so we can both throw down our DE armies and wreck face. I will say this, DE done right will walk through both terminators and scouts all just the same. They assault, you die, period. Like my Harlequins only better. When your 1st company terminators die just the same as the newest neophytes it then becomes all about bodies on the table- just how many dudes can you cut down in 5-7 turns? For fun, throw Telion in the mix if you want.

Finally the HQ- force commander for the OB template, adding to the boom boom, and don’t forget you can combat squad down as needed if you want to diversify your shots for bigger armies.

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