Hive Commander .PDF Update V 1.0

So changes in the tournament scene (NOVA format) and an adaptation to the new obsession with krak missiles, my Null Deployment Tyranids have made a few tweaks in the list, and as a result there is a seven page update to my Hive Commander .PDF.

Any of the future .PDF’s that I send out will have this update bundled with them, and if you have already picked up the .PDF this update is included in my update for life promise on all the .PDF’s.

I’ll be sending them out tonight to the email addresse you provided with the Google checkout. If you don’t get the update, please check your spam folders since it will be coming as an attachment, and if it is still a no go then please email me so I can get it out to you. Some of you guys and gals used the random email created by Google to get the .PDF and these might no longer be any good, so I might not actually have your email address.

I’m excited by the changes to the list, giving it some new direction while still retaining the core push of the Null Deployment and HyperNids model that I try to clobber my opponent’s with!

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