Fritz's Black Templar List

Dear Fritz,

Let me start by giving you a huge thank you for all your efforts to the 40k community. I visit your blog everyday and am a big fan of your pdf's (I have the necrons, spacemarines, tyranids and eldar pdf's). Can't wait for your take on dark eldar!

Also really liked your youtube tactics vids. Will you be making more in the future? Havent seen those for some time now.

Lately you have inspired me to play other spacemarine chapters with my marines, especially Black Templars. I was wondering whether you would be willing to share your 1750 or 1700 Black Templars list? I basically know what units you are playing but was wondering on the exact configuration, especially for the crusader squads and command squad. Does your emperors champion join a crusader squad?

Last questions. Some time ago you posted the bigzilla post with some ideas for a dual flyrant with 3 t-fexes and stealers. You never gave the exact answer to your question (50% chance to discount every wkund on T6?).

Also, will there be a follow up on the stealer/ymgarl combo? I have painted over 50 now. :-)

Hope to hear from you. All the best!

Lucien, the Netherlands

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Reply Out:

Lucien, thanks for the kind words, I’m glad my blog and vids have given you something to think about. I’ve got two Black Templar lists that I run- my standard 1750 below, and a second one where I drop the upgrades on the dreads and a squad to take a command squad, but mostly it is this list:

Unit Type Number Cost Notes
Emperor's Champion HQ 1 140 Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds

Assault Terminators Elite 5 200 Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
Assault Terminators Elite 5 215 Lightning Claws & Furious Charge
Dreadnought Elite 1 159 T-Las Cannon, Smoke, S. Light, Venerable, Tank Hunter

Initiates Troops 5 95 Power Fist
Initiates Troops 5 101 Power Fist, Flamer
Initiates Troops 5 96 Power Weapon, Flamer
(They all have chain swords & bolt pistols..)

Razorback Transport 1 73 Heavy Bolter, Smoke
Razorback Transport 1 83 Heavy Bolter, Stormbolter, Smoke
Razorback Transport 1 123 T-Las Cannon, Smoke, Machine Spirit

Assault Marines Fast 8 212 2 Plasma Pistols, Power Weapon, Melta Bombs

Land Raider Heavy 1 253

Emperor’s champion attaches to the power weapon squad in the razorback with the stormbolter- a second weapon allows me to keep going if I get hit with two weapon destroyed results. This unit is dual role in that it goes out to both get objectives and engage the opponent. The other two are to take objectives on their own. The flamer is there incase I have to flush models off an objective- wash them with flame, fire the bolt pistols, and charge! The razorback with machine spirit sits in the back in cover and just shoots- cover with machine spirit means it is almost always shooting.

The land raider and lightning claw termies are kind of self explanatory- the LR hangs back shooting and when a target presents itself it moves out and unloads with the terminators.

Dread pulls a double role of anti-tank and assault from cover.

The TH/SS termies and the assault marines are my reactionary forces. Maybe they deploy, maybe they deepstrike in, maybe they walk in and on as reserves as a second wave. Melta bombs on the assault marines and plasma give me some bite on vehicles.
Not much there when stacked against the newer marine codexes, but preferred enemy, vet skills, and the old smoke rules add some interesting twists to it.

Bigzilla is going to follow soon. I’ve got my three t-fexes made, magnetized them to also double as carnifexes, and now it is onto paint and some real games with them, results to follow on the blog of course, same with the stealers, although the bigzilla list comes first, I really want to run it in a tournament.