Baal Predators and Demeching

By steveNspace

The first thought that comes to mind when fielding a Baal Predator is its awesome infantry killing ability. Lately, I’ve been utilizing it to serve a completely different purpose that catches my opponents off guard and helps drastically change the game in my favor. Before you read any further… I should put in a little disclaimer: using a Baal Predator as an anti-vehicle weapon is pretty much only feasible if you’re sporting the twin-linked assault cannon and heavy bolter sponsons.

Primary targets should be AV10-11. Rhinos, Razorbacks, Trukks, soon-to-be-plentiful Raiders, Land Speeders, you name it. I hate to bring up Math-hammer, but the sheer volume of shots gives the Baal Predator impressive chances vs. these armor values, significantly more effective than firing off a lascannon or two. Not only will the Baal Predators be able to demech the enemy’s light vehicles, but they will lighten the load on dedicated AT units which need to focus on higher priority targets such as Land Raiders.

Make no mistake, the fun does not end at knocking out Rhinos and Landspeeders. Baal Predators have a nice rule called scouts which greatly enhances its AT capability. While the scouts move might not be a big deal to get you into the range of an infantry squad, it’s going to help by providing flanking shots on weaker side armor. Unexpected by even the most savvy 40k players if they’ve got a more “obvious” infantry target nearby. Sometimes this will require a 18” scout move and another 18” flat out+smoke to get into position. The great thing about this tactic is that even if your opponent catches on before you get an opportunity to fire against his vulnerable side, you’ll (hopefully) have powerful units to engage the same vehicle from somewhere in your deployment area or other angle… Thus preventing the enemy vehicle(s) from achieving a front-face to both and allowing exposed shooting from one or possibly both directions. Remember, this tactic is only going to work against weaker side armors. Great things to try this on? Chimeras, Vindicators, Devilfishes or even other Predators to list a few.

That pretty much sums up this article. So go out and give this a try with your Baal Preds if you haven’t already!

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