Terrible Tyrannofex

Just an observation on the tyrannofex and something to ask yourself- what is the role of this giant beastie? The rupture cannon is nice, for Tyranids anyway- needing a 4+ to hit sucks, but we can’t get focused just on this. The t-fex is not a Tyranid version of devastators or long fangs. Sure you have insane range on the rupture, and it’s tempting to put him back in cover and just shoot away, but then you are just throwing out 2/3rds of the models potential- bulk, monstrous creature, and 6 wounds. If your t-fex blows up one vehicle all game consider it a victory. What needs to be happening is where you advance the t-fex each turn running right at the opponent- while your smaller buggies are behind doing the cover save thing. Force that t-fex into the assault- remember it can move and shoot. Don’t just scare your opponent with the cannon shots…

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