Question: Why Are Genestealers Scary?

An honest question? Maybe it is just my gaming circle, but why do guys freak out when genestealers bust out on the scene? I feel like this is a holdover from Tyranids 4th edition when ‘stealers really were scary and you could still pile into fresh assaults.

Anytime I play Tyranids the guys attract a lot of hate. Sure I’m going to ram them down your throat and be all in your face, BUT you are always in a transport and despite tearing through terminators with ease and ripping apart bulkheads in Space Hulk, my table top stealers need sixes to hit said vehicle and then sixes to maybe blow it up. On top of that I can’t shoot, and I don’t get an armor save vs. the most common stat line gun in the game- botlers.

Maybe it is a visual thing? One moment to board is “safe” for you with my Swarmlord and little gaunt buggies on the opposite side as you blast away with your valks, manticores and stuff. Then next turn thirty + stealers are crashing the flanks out of nowhere.

But really, stealers aren’t what they used to be when biomorphs actually did something other than worthless and overpriced carnifex “options”. Guys should be more scared of my harlequins and their farseer backed synergy then the stealers, but they always laugh at the clowns, and Eldar in general. Stealers are easy to deal with- mainly because they can’t shoot. Take that five man tac squad and drop it right in front of my stealers- shoot and don’t assault. Now I have to make a choice- go after my original target or deal with the tacs- and if I deal with the tacs I’m still out in the open away from my target.

I’ll say this, for me, and the whole hypernids thing- stealers are an assassination unit, kind of like a robot drone with a bomb on it- their job is to pop in on the target, kill it, and then they die from return fire and crushing dedicated assault units- and that is ok with me, as long as I can trade you a group of stealers for one of your key units, if I can’t do that, well then…

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