Harlequins Vs. Imperial Fists

2000 points Annihilation

First army was Dorn with a full terminator squad deepstriking in, two dreads in pods, three rhinos with full tac squads, two vindicators, and a las predator. I took first turn and deployed everything out- everything castled in the right for cover, a group of harlies and rangers to the left out in the open.

My opponent mirrors my deployment placing his forces to the right, and two vindies to the left. Perfect, and just what I was hoping for. I wanted the vindies to go there to bomb the easy targets so I could (and did) use Eldrad to pull the two units back over to my castled core before the game starts. Now the vindies would be out of action for three turns making their way over across the board. Less for a small elite army like mine to deal with.

Firs turn shooting is ineffective as everything is castled and lined up. First pod drops and scatters a bit, my harlies fusion gun it and it explodes as the rhinos move up. Rather than shoot the dread I assault it to tie my clowns up and protect them from rapid fire for a turn, later they hit and run, pull out, fusion it and then bounce forward taking out a tac squad and a rhino before getting taken out by dorn twin linked terminator bolter fire which is nasty. Second harlie group clashes with a rhino and tac squad taking them out before being whittled down to a single shadowseer, who then runs away- this is key for clowns in kill point missions. Always take the wounds last on the shadowseer, always, even if you hate taking them on the jester or fusion guys. So when you get down to only one or two models and need to deny kill points by running away, veil of tears is still up. So I run away with the single model, and get into cover out of the 24” bubble so I can’t be shot. So the fist kill almost the entire clown unit, but get nothing for kill point wise. Hey if tanks are no longer kill points in tourneys then I have to do what I have to do right?

End game the vindies finally roll up and start shelling Eldrad backed rangers in cover with the 2+ re-roll. Can’t crack that nut. I can’t take the chance that my opponent will tank shock with one since they have siege shields, push me out of cover, and then nuke with the other. So I eldritch storm turn one around, shoot, and do nothing.

Game eventually ends with eight kill points for the clowns and four kill points for the marines. Rogal Dorn is not happy.

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