Dark Eldar Confirmed Really?

So Dark Eldar have been confirmed for the next codex and this is both good and bad news. Good news is that xeno players will finally have a new army other then space bugz and maybe we will start to see something other then Blood Wolves and IG point and click armies on the table. DE models getting redone is also a huge plus.

The down side? Goatboy and BOLS makes some good points regarding darklance spam, and other things that will be in the codex at some point, but here is my issue with the Dark Eldar, and why I think they will be a 2nd tier army like Tyranids, and not the new auto-win army.

Hear me out...

At the start of 5th GW was a very different company, and they didn't know where 5th was going yet and that planetstrike was going to fail. Look at the first 5th codex- space marines and while it was much improved and more fun to play there was hardly anything ground breaking.

Then GW figured out 5th and the desire to sell tanks and cheap troops so you have to buy them by the box- IG, SW, BA, all point to this. Well Dark Eldar were done and wrapped up before codex Space Marines 5th- GW has been sitting on it all this time waiting to put it out, not wanting to rock the marine chash cow. You think they are going to "re-write" the codex for 5th proper at this time and date- they can't or won't release other xeno books in a fast manner so why would they update. They can't even do a proper PDF as we saw with Daemonhunters.

Please understand, I'm not being down on Dark Eldar- Jawaballs and I are already planning our armies, and I'm looking for my harlequins to have an alternate codex to play in till Eldar get redone in 40K 6th edition.

Also, I'll be in line with Stelek's advice (gasp, mentioning Stelek and BOLS in the same post) in waiting for the DE FAQ to drop before I actually buy my models. GW ruined Tyranids vs. BA and SW with their FAQ dropping them down to 2nd tier. I don't want to get stuck buying stuff that is only going to work for six months or so.

Sound off...

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