Clowns @ 2000 PTS?

Well it is either going to be harlequins or Tyranids for the upcoming Battle For Salvation GT for yours truly. On the one hand I want to return with the ‘nids and hopefully not self destruct in the final game on table number one this time, but I need to paint up twenty more genestealers for some Yrimigal fun. This isn’t that much of a big deal, but pushing around 100+ models for seven games is a task that I’m not sure I’m up for. Seriously, you need to consider how your army effects you in terms or setup/breakdown between each game and how it is going to physically wear you out- ork horde players back me up here…

Clowns are and have been ready to go. I’ve even got a sexy wraithbone portal on my display board courtesy of Jawaballs, but I need to make that leap from 1750 points to 2000 points which is apparently the new standard of 40K here in the states. What can I really get for 250 more points? Heavy support and elites are maxed out, not that I would change my list- the tactics and technology are locked down. Normally I just add in Mauggy and call it a day, but this is going to be a top tier tournament so perhaps I am better off without any “fun” models- although Mauggy does have his place. More pathfinders? On the surface more troops seem like a good idea, but Eldar troops don’t do much other then sit on objectives- this is what has me looking at another farseer or perhaps the classic combo of the prince joining the clowns.

Dual farseer support would be nice- Eldrad in the back, bonesinger dude in the front casting multiple powers. I’m not that worried about a hoods, although I do have to consider that- a forward psyker being shut down vs. the prince working no matter what.

Farseer or prince? OR just paint up those twenty stealers…

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