Land Speeder Storm: Viable? Tactics?

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Hey I was wondering if landspeeder storms were viable in a 1750pt list. I've read on the Internet that it was a terrible unit since it takes up a fast attack slot, an easy kill point, and has terrible rules. Is it more of a fun unit or a competitive one?

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Well every unit in your army needs to have a reason for being there beyond the looks of the model, but perhaps none other than the storm. The main way I’ve seen it used is as a turn five contester/scoring unit ala Eldar. Cheap on points perhaps, but it can’t tank shock and its open topped.

The way I’ve been using it, proxying a regular speeder for now, is as part of an alpha-strike assault marine lists. I’ve talked before how in 5th the assault phase is more powerful then the shooting phase since you r single unit can “kill” multiple units in the assault phase, while for the most part shooting can only go 1 for 1- machine spirit raiders and long fangs excepted of course.

In support of my ten assault terminators with Shrike and Lysander I’ve got some storms with dudes inside. Storms set up in the center, Shrike/Lysander and the lads infiltrate, then the storms move and guys assault backing up the terminators. I’m also not as vulnerable to a first turn seize with the open topped storms since the infiltrating and fleeting terminators 18”away get all the attention…


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