500 Points Saim-Hann

Five hundred points of pure Saim-Hann doing what they do best- shooting, moving, and winning by being a total pain in the ass. Used correctly this army won’t win you any friends…

HQ: Farseer W/ Jetbike & Guide & Singing Spear
Troops: 5 Jetbikes W/ 1 Shuriken Cannon X 2
Fast Attack: 2 Vypers W/ EML Top & Shuriken Cannon Under

Nice and compact, fast and sexy on the table. Biggest entry point is going to be buying the ten jetbikes you need. Look for them off ebay or bartertown or for an old Apocalypse box- although they are becoming harder and harder to find. Farseer can be easy or hard. Easiest way is to buy the jetbike autarch and use him- could also work as an autarch if you want to play with reserves, etc. If you are into conversions then use the fantasy wood elf rider, capes, and bitz to do it- can and does look very good. Vypers are well vypers, pick up two and you are set. Although we are using EML’s go through the trouble of magnetizing them for more options later. Also consider buying a pack of magz to make the magnetic flying bases.


The nice thing about this army is that it plays the same regardless of the mission. Everything works together as a wolf pack hanging back at maximum range shooting and then zipping away when things get to close. You have 48” on the missiles, 24” on the cannons, and then twin linked at the 12”.

First up is target priority and getting cover saves. The vypers are fantastic gunboats but they are open topped and only AV 10. They need to stay behind cover at all ranges, especially at las cannon or S8 missile range- if you can get them behind cover, after you shoot, use the jetbike 6” assault phase to move your bikes infront and wrapping around the back- now both vypers and bikes get the cover save. Remember the vypers are a squad so only one has to be in “cover” for the unit to get it. Nice Eldar trickery there…

So at the start of the game you hand back with one jetbike group attaching to the farseer as she casts guide on the vypers. The second group may hang back or move forward a bit to shuriken cannon snipe. Shoot just on the end of 24” and then move 6” back in the assault phase. Take out light transports first with plasma and then switch to frag. Forget about firing at that land raider if somebody brings on at 500 points- let it come to you and witchblade it or get cover and stay out of heavy bolter range if they are using it as a fire base.

In objective missions once the bikes start taking losses, zip away to get cover saves to keep them up for objectives. Turn five vypers and farseer turbo to contest as needed. Keep your objectives out of cover so there are no terrain tests, but be ready to hide your jetbikes behind them for the 4+ cover save , and if need go to ground for the 3+ to keep them up. In multiple 4+ objective games spread out the ones you can place as best you can. In kill point games you can be a total jerk- kill two things for the points and then zip away on the table edges, etc.

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