Tyranid Mycetic Spores FTW?

Refinement on my HyperNids list continues and I’ve been experimenting with mycetic spores in the list- but surprisingly not as a delivery system for my genestealers. I’m still convinced that outflanking or busting out of terrain ala Yirmigals is the way to go. Outflanking allows me to hit my opponent the turn I enter if they are close enough, and if not then to run and try to stay out of distance for crashing them next turn.

So why the points on the pods? Mobile terrain and unit blockers. Since my list is devoted to just killing things as the mission objective as opposed to playing the mission objectives the pods allow me to create terrain as needed for cover saves as Swarmlord is on the way in with the poisoned gaunts, or as a way to block units and keep them static for the inevitable genestealers smash. The D6 attacks on the pods are nice in theory, but so far they really haven’t done much damage.

Done side is that I’m handing out kill points like candy, but in kill point missions I’m aiming to wipe the opponent off the table so it really doesn’t matter, in theory anyway.

What do you guys think of mycetics? Strangely I’ve never really seen a Tyranid drop pod army despite all the pre-codex hype about it.

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