Chaos Space Marines Revisited?

So this past Sunday at Comic Book Heaven I had an honored chance to play a blog reader visiting from Berlin, Germany. 40K dedication is brining your army with you no matter where you travel! We played for fun, and once again I was reminded why the zerg rush for Tyranids falls flat on its face vs. every 40K army out there, with the level of firepower streaming down the table from you, especially in an annihilation mission where everything can be geared to shooting. Tyranids not getting any saves really sucks- outside of cover there is no way to stop wounds. Brother Captain James and I have been really scheming on this a lot recently regarding Genestealers and how GW really dropped the ball by not allowing a 4+ armor save upgrade, and forget about Yirmigals for that since they are x3 the cost…

Anyway, back on topic, being a “fun” game with the goal of rolling some dice and punching some Chaos models in the face with my Tyranids it didn’t go well with the bugs and I was down a fistful of kill points by the end of the game ending in a loss for yours truly. Well played by my opponent Philip, and next up he got to take on BC James and his dubious infiltrating fleeting Shrike led Thunder hammer terminators. James’ list is deceptive and packs a mean punch, for those of you who like lists James’ build is this:

HQ: Shrike + Librarian

Elite: 10 TH Termies

Troops: 4 Razorbacks W/ Marines

2 X 3 Land Speeders W/ Multimelta + Typhoons.

Sometimes James also throws in a stearnguard pod. Shrike infiltrates in 18” away with the termies and tries to take first turn. Shrike moves, fleets, and then assaults for a guaranteed first turn assault. Termies then get in your face as the speeders template spam from far away, with the RZB laying down supportive fire and taking objectives. Philips Chaos army did very well vs. James and at one point, perhaps realizing he couldn’t down all those terminators in one turn he was lashing them back and away. This gave me a fantastic idea that I’m actually pretty excited about, and already has me thinking about throwing together a new army, that’s how excited I am- yes I still have to finish my Tzeentch Daemon army thank you and don’t need any distractions…

I’ll call it my “Chaos Revisited” list or maybe “Chaos Guitar Hero”, title will be a WIP… At the club there are only three dudes that play Chaos- Warmaster Black Matt, Little Horus Will, and another dude who has a super sweet Deathguard army that makes mine cry. Notice, that although I have a 1750 DG army I don’t really consider myself a “chaos” player. That said, only Matt really plays regularly, and his army, while super sexy looking is really Chaos 4th edition- two lash sorcerers, mix/max plague marines in rhinos, and the rest filled out with oblit spam. Effective, yes. Predicatble, yes. Recently Matt has been branching out but I’m getting off topic again…

Here is what I was thinking as a base…

Two lash princes with wings.

Noise marines with possessed rhinos + havoc launchers.

Spammed autocannon havocs.

Essentially is a shooty chaos list with lots of high S and ranges shots. Deploys in the center and just shoots, and shoots, and shoots. Target transports first, ignore dakka tanks, and when your opponent get’s close to assault, lash them away. Noise marines outside of the rhinos and when they get taken down a few they hop in the surviving rhinos and hide like I do with the Grey Knights and their Land Raider.

Sorcerers would be easy to hide in a squad, and a better choice, but the princes with wings would give you a counter charge unit if lash gets bypassed or fails due to psychic hoods. Las would serve to create distance and bring models out of cover as opposed to the ho hum group together and hit with oblit plasma.

Other things to add on over the core might be some expendable termies with combi-meltas and lesser daemons to icon drop in the back ranks. Only problem is dealing with AV 14, right now it’s only the princes to run up and punch them. Anyway, some ideas in process, and I’ll post up some lists in a bit as I crunch the numbers. On a related note the Warmaster Black Matt has some really cool noise marines that he modeled up out of normal chaos marines so building/converting en mass would be easy, an idea that I would totally rip off…

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