Space Marine Tac Squad Configuration?

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I wanted your opinion on a tactical squad I have built. I wanted the squad to be an "all comers" squad. The squad has a rhino with extra armour, a power fist on the sergeant, a flamer, and a missile launcher for 250 pts. What do you think? I was planning on using the squad for the rhino rush tactic with an assault squad. I was also wondering how many tactical squads would I need for a 2000 pt list. I have two tactical squads in the list and I was wondering if that would be enough.


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Clayton, I personally go with a power fist sarge, a melta gun, and a las cannon in my tac squads. Power fist is mandatory despite the points- it lets you threaten everything in the game and when “hidden” in the squad- meaning you can’t pick the sarge out since he isn’t an IC you will be swinging away. I like the melta to pop tanks, and lay a wound on a MC before the charge. Flamers are very situational- power armored units will just shrug it off and even units vulnerable to it like orks and ‘nids will try to spread out or have so many numbers that flaming and killing six or so dudes won’t matter. Onto the heavy weapon- again I prefer the las for the range and tank killing power. Missiles can kind of tank hunt, and you have frag, but again the frag template really isn’t much of anything these days- horde armies will be maxing cover saves and power armored armies will just shrug it off. I also alternate with a plasma pistol on my sarge- but that brings the cost way up for one model- but I like that S7 shot before the charge, etc. This combo also work well in that you can combat squad down and put the sarge/melta in the rhino and then put the las cannon and marines in the back kind of like a mini devastator squad. Regarding the rhino, popular opinion on the internet is to ditch extra armor as it eats points, but I always take it and would say take it- being able to always move means tank shocking, objective contesting, and being able to keep moving when you are swarmed by hordes.

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