How Are YOU Playing DOM?

Yea, I know I’ve previously said I would never use The Doom of Malan'tai, but I’m man enough to take that back as DOM is now podding down in my list. Against foot based armies, like Orks, Tau, and the like he has been murder, against mech it is hard to say as it depends on my opponent and what they are going to argue against.

Question is, how are YOU guys playing him? Does his leach essence effect dudes in vehicles?

Here is my thinking on it, and no I’m not just saying “YES” because I’m playing him. It is a bubble effect, and where are the guys inside the vehicle? Inside it. If you argue they are “off the table” then what about Blood Angels having a priest, etc. inside a vehicle giving the guys outside FNP, etc. How come that works as a bubble/area effect and DOM doesn’t. Psychic powers don’t effect dudes in vehicles, but it isn’t a psychic power. Cover saves? How do you get cover saves against something that isn't a shooting attack? Can I get cover saves from my plasma overheats then? Of course waiting for a simple FAQ, official statement, not some redshirt email, means we’ll be waiting for a long time.

As a Tyranid player do you say yes or no? When facing Tyranids do you say yes or no?

DOM is the ultimate player- don’t hate the player, hate the game- GW made him with his crappy nebulous rules.

DOM is killing my tourney sportsmanship points...

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