Fritz Rant: Mepheston The N00bslayer?

What is better than winning games? Complaining about them! Time for another Fritz rant!

So the other day during some practice games with Jawaballs I got a full taste of Mepheson and all his shenanigans and I’m not quite sure what to make of him… Does GW deserve a smack for creating such a powerful character for less than 300 points, or is Mepheston the new n00bslayer model? I’ve heard he’s been banned in certain tournaments? Is that needed?

Played correctly by a Blood Angel player with a plan against an opponent who is not aware of him, and I can see why one would be upset- the dude will walk through your entire army. But if you plan for him then what?

Essentially Mephy is an infantry sized tank- with his T6, 2+ save, 5 wounds, and FNP from a local priest camping around him, bolters are a waste of time- hit him with your anti-tank weapons blasting pass his T6, armor save and FNP. Of course there are cover saves…

Psychic hoods help to shut him down, especially if they are the daemonhunter variety so he is forced to walk and run across the board. Problem is, for some players Mepheston is just the model they would use against n00bs and I can see him ruining the game for people, especially if one also has a land raider or stormraven with termies + furious charge, + FNP + preferred enemy.

Thing that gets me is comparing 5th edition books with 5th edition books- Mepheston is less then Swarmlord? WTF? AND with Swarmy you need the guards to make him work so add them on as a hidden cost. Why is Mepheston so much more uber for half the cost? Marine favoritism as usual? Thought?

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