Vindicator Tactics

So you are excited to drop some vindicators on the table, but maybe they haven’t been working out quite as you had planned. They sure do draw a lot of fire, and are easy to stop from shooting, which can lead to wasted points. Fear not my fellow battle brothers; here are a few ideas on how to maximize your vindicators.

First things first- forget about sending your vindicator across the table to get into range- much like a land raider it will never make it! A worth opponent can’t let it make its way over, plus all they have to do is immobilize or weapon destroy it and it is done- another disadvantage with only one primary weapon.

What I want you to do is set things up so your opponent had to come to you! Manipulate the space so they are forced to move into vindicator range. How? Objective placement. The picture above was from a double game I was playing with Jawaballs- his Blood Angels were on the defensive, and my Eldar on the offense vs. another Space Marine army in an objective mission.

Hunkered down inside that building was a vindicator on the ground floor and plasma devastator marines on the second and third floor. We placed one objective 18” away from the building out in the open to rain down the pain when our opponent moved to take it. Cover is also key- especially with the vindy. You want to make sure that when you are shooting they are out in the open, and when they are getting hit back you get a 4+ cover save.

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