Fritz’s Is A Jerk!

So it’s a Monday night at the Battle for Salvation gaming club and I’m setting up to play a game vs. a new guy with my Tyranids. Seize ground with four objectives, I place mine in range of the outflank. I take first turn so I can hit those objectives with the +1 Swarmlord outflank on turn two, as my big bugs run up the center ala null deployment. Everything works perfectly and I table my opponent with only losing a few genestealers on the way. Flawless game? Perhaps, but in this case I was being a total a$$hole and potentially hurt the club that I play at by not understanding my place in the game at that moment. Allow me to explain, and defend my actions.

From both a selfish point of view and a moral point of view it is in my best interest (and my fellow gamers best interest) to keep our gaming club fresh and alive. This means grabbing and keeping new members so we can increase the number of tables/games each month, grow, and raise more $ to host tournaments, apocalypse events, etc. New members also mean the veteran players at the club have some new challenges to play against and throw their own armies up against, as playing the same guys week after week can get a bit stale.

So this new guy shows up looking for a game, and being friendly I agree to play him. In this situation I’m not “Fritz” or the guy that has the blog you read every day, plays Eldar, or anything 40K related. For this game I am the “Battle For Salvation” gaming club and what it represents. After the game, what my new opponent thinks of me, is what they directly think of the club and all the members.

Setting up my opponent is playing a Thousand Sons army with a sorcerer, backed by oblits and a vindicator. Hardly a tournament list, and even if it was such a list, it is the chaos codex- over coasted and unable to throw down the model count compared to the 5th edition codexes. So why was I throwing my tournament list up against him? Yes, I have/had been refining it, preparing it for next month at Brother’s Grim games and for the inevitable when I face Jawaballs at a tourney- JB I’ve been deliberately avoiding your ‘Angels with my Tyranids so you can’t see the can of smak I’m going to unload on you!

Anyway, did I really need to get in another practice game? My own ego, my desire to “win” in some upcoming tournaments clouded the situation for me. In this case I was an ambassador for the club and I screwed up. I could have played the same list and just lined up and ran at my opponent- what I often do in fun games. It’s fun because there are moments of tension where the game could go anyway- can my opponent stop my horde of buggies? Can I make it into assault? Regardless of who actually wins, the game often feels like the other person at least had a chance to win. But no, instead I crushed his 40K dreams and made the club look like bad- Fritz was a jerk!

What I should have done was played a fun game, introduced him to a few of the other chaos players in club, let him game for a few weeks, and THEN throw my tournament list and attitude at him where it would be better received and understood as a competitive game.

Sorry new guy, I won’t be as much of a jerk next time.

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