Spore Mines: WIP Or FTW?

I’ve been playing around with working in some spore mines into my Tyranid list with the goal of influencing my opponent’s deployment to better abuse my null deployment model on them. What’s that, you’ve never heard of spore mines? We’ll the good news is at least they don’t give up kill point any more. Seriously, for what they can do at ten points a pop, why don’t you have any in your ‘nid list? In a 1750 point + game you can’t round up 60-100 points? Down side is that they are a FA slot so they are competing with raveners which, along with deathleaper are the real MVP’s of the Tyranid codex.

So what is the idea behind peppering the table with a few spore mines? Well, you get to deploy them via deepstrike after deployment zones have been chosen, but before your opponent deploys. Think about that for a moment. Now, I’m not expecting my spore mines to actually do any killy, since all they are is a frag missile equivalent that can be shot and exploded before it hits something, and even then against MEQ’s what is it going to kill? SM’s are more about forcing your opponent to react to them so the rest of your army has a little more wiggle room.

So If I’m going first then I want to bomb the spores on one of my opponent’s flanks before he deploys, hopefully to push him over to the other side of the table- closer to the edge for my 30 ‘stealers and 20 gaunts to swarm on the board from. Going first also means I’m physically pushing deployment over since my opponent can’t deploy within 1” of the spores and they are going to scatter move on my first turn who knows where. If I’m going second then the spore mines get bombed in the center of the table to put up a wall to hopefully take off some shots aimed at my other units. Once down I want them to scatter all over the place so hopefully my opponent will fire shots killing them rather than my bugs. Seems easy to just ignore them right? And as an opponent, you should, but so far they like to be shot at, and I’ve got the points to spare for a little more fun on the table.

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