Shields Up! Ramming Speed!

Somebody once posted somewhere that I run around thinking *I* invented the idea of tank shocking, well I did! Just kidding of course, couldn’t resist…

As an Eldar player I often spend as much time tank shocking as I do shooting and dropping destructor templates, and the ‘shock is often much more effective, since anytime you roll those dice in 40K bad things can and do happen. Squads run of the table, death or glory ends in glory denied, and scoring units are pushed off the objective at the last moment. Oh sweet joy!

With Eldar, tank shocking is a front forward tactic as opposed to something that comes up once and a while for other armies, unless of course you are now playing orks! With the speed of moving all out, collecting a cover save, and then kicking in star engines you can be in position in one turn to tank shock anything on the table. Throw in the wave serpents energy shield or holo-fields and death or glory really isn’t much of an issue, and most players other then guard with their spammy melta are not ready to risk losing the model to a DOG fail.

Now like a true autarch we want to set things up at the start of the game for maximum that tank shock madness. In an objective mission, with the objectives you can place, put them 17” apart in a straight line on the back edge of the table. The two units that are set up by your opponent on them are then in line for a straight tank shock run- of course you will have to de-mech them first but that is what all the scatter lasers and shuriken cannons are for. Look for that lone model just out of terrain or the 50% that isn’t in cover and hit that model.

Star engines and tank shocking are like peanut butter and jelly…

Star engines allow you to then move that 12” to get within six of any unit that is running from the shock while making your full 24” run- this way they keep running off the table or at the worst falling back. Nothing more satisfying then de-meching terminators and then tank shocking them back and off the table. We are elite 1st company veterans running from a silly space elf tank!

Following the new “theme” of WOSH 3.0 we are going to look at the other side of the table from the perspective of the mon-kei and throw up some advice on how to stop all this tank shock stupidity.

Be ready for it! With any objectives you can place make sure they are in terrain and keep your units in terrain as much as possible- make that Eldar player take a terrain test- that is a 1 in 6 chance of crashing. Tank shocks happen in a straight line- zig zag the deployment of your troops so it is harder to catch two or three in a full ‘shock run, use vehicles as a buffer to protect units next to them, and finally have faith in your wargear and go for the death or glory- epic things also happen when you roll those dice!

Time to share those tank shocking success stories or some addition ideas on how to stop the madness…


  1. I tank schocked some Termagaunts and split the group in half. They would have been okay but at the same time I killed a synapse creature and they began to go back to lurk. It was kind of neat because I kept moving with my tank and they kept running...definitely useful.


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  2. That's an excellent article on Tank Shocking.

  3. Fritz, not sure if you're interested in debating rules but at our local club, there's been a bit of a running debate on whether you can tank shock while using star engines. Players in one camp claim that ramming/tank shocking can only happen in the movement phase but star engines kick in during the shooting phase so the argument goes that you cannot tank shock with star engine during the shooting phase. The problem comes when people are trying to tank shock the same unit twice in one turn. What are you're thoughts on that?

  4. All I feel I need to say is that I've tank shocked a squad of Assault Termies with Pedro Kantor and a Grey Knight Grand Master, and proceeded to follow them until they were off the table.

    Also, a Rhino of mine has run over a Warboss that failed Death or Glory!

  5. Star engines profit from extrem high speed so the Eldar might nor be able to fly so deep, that they can swash away units. Besides it is not possible in the rules if you follow them word by word. Concludes do it as you like but ask your enemy befor the game.

  6. Tank shocking with star engines is quite the debate. Eldar players say "yes!", mon-kei players say "NO!" and GW doesn't FAQ it. I would just say, as I do, ask before the game or tournament and go by what the judge states or house rules.

  7. Ok, I am an eldar player and realize that I stand to benefit from it but I do NOT see any argument against using star engines to tank shock.

    there is no rule in the entire rulebook that I could find, nor rule in the entire eldar codex that specifically states that tank shocking happens in the movment phase.

    the ONLY thing the tank shock rule states is "When moving a tank"(8th line of text left hand side page 68) and the rule for star engines allows you to move 12 inches in the shooting phase.

    I think these rules are VERY clear and I see no argument against using star engines to tank shock and I HONESTLY feel that an opponent trying to argue against this is, as described by danny internets, an absolute form of cheating.

  8. to try and make my argument more objective I can see that the next line does contain the phrase "instead of moving normally" I dont see this as an adequate counter-point.

    to make this a valid argument the star engines rule would have to contain wording indicating that th e nature of its movement is somehow abnormal and is subject to rules changes because it happens in the shooting phase. the omission of such wording should autmatically indicate that this movement follows all the normal rules for movement of vehicles, including the ability to ram or tank shock.


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