Saim-Hann Apocalypse Style

I’ve probably played in over a two dozen Apoclaypse games with my Saim-Hann, including an Epic weekend of gaming at BOLSCon, and I’d thought I’d share some idea on adapting your warhost to the big game.

First off, as a training tool for your army, Apocalypse events are a great place to start. Since they are all about fun, and throwing down the most models this is your chance to try out that crazy and wacky stuff that you were thinking about doing in a regular game to see how it works. Apoc. events also allow you to go up against and take a pounding for a large variety of models and armies- it will really give you a quick rundown on just how durable your army is, and what it can and cannot do. New players to the Way of Saim-Hann should just go out and play some big games to lean the subtleties of Eldar.

I’ve found, especially in Apocalypse events, that Saim-Hann/mech Eldar have a huge advantage as the game move on. With so many models on the table, as they blow up, move out, shoot and assault, the battlefield literally becomes a choke point and bottle neck of models. It literally becomes a traffic jam on the table that you don’t have to worry about. Since your models can just fly over everything else one can always get their warhost where it needs to be- the side that courts the majestic Eldar really has an advantage with this in terms of delivering the hurt or last turn objective grabs.

Tactically you want to use your warhost together with the grav tanks on the outside shielding the weaker jetbikes and vypers on the inside, and at the front of the spearhead is your seer council. Datasheets and assets aside, your warhost is really about delivering the fury of your seer council right into the vulnerable spot of the other side.

Seer councils are like the ultimate weapon in Apocalypse, especially when the other side has a lot of super heavies which can blast through armor and cover saves but not invulnerable save! Fortune up that seer council and get to work- the rest of the warhost is really just a bodyguard and shielding unit for the seer council, opening up pockets and diverting off incoming units. As a backup you want to have Eldrad and/or another seer riding in a wave serpent ready to throw up fortune on the seer council if they get hit by a psychic hood. You need that fortune going off every turn 100%.

As a side note, an old psychic hood should ALWAYS be included of you are playing any Imperial armies, the ability to zap the entire table is uber.

The second advantage of the seer council is all their witchblades and singing spears which get stacked with the invulnerable save. Here is an awesome tactic that I’m always on the lookout for…

On the crowded Apocalypse battle field there are always other units clustered around a super heavy like a baneblade or a titan. You want to get your seer council right into the super heavy and assault it causing an apocalyptic explosion. The blast clears out everything around it, while your seer council gets the 4+ invulnerable save with a re-roll. Only in 40K can a space elf on a flying bike survive ground zero of a nuclear explosion…

Finally, you always want to use reserves with your warhost, especially if the other side is taking firs turn. With reserves you can enter the table moving fast to collect cover saves and put yourself in a position to optimally strike or make an approach to that super heavy.

Sound off! What do you think of Apocalypse as a training tool for your army? What tactics and ideas are you using with your warhost on the table? Send in an sacrifice the mon-kei, while the Eldar zip in and get all the glory?


  1. Your logic is sound and i really like your points here *but* if your using it to test your army then you should definatly use cardboard as your models. Not many people can actually buy an apoc level army to start off with.

  2. Yay for earth-shattering kabooms!

    Nice pics and a good read. Got any more photos of the event?

  3. BOLSCON '09 vid:

  4. I'm still yet to play apoc. I can't imagine my first time being very tactical though... too many big guns!

  5. I think Eldar are one of the best armies for Apocalypse, and I have actually been considering building up a Jetbike Seer Council to try out your tactics in my quarterly big games. I think the Cloudstrike Squadron is one of the most valuable formations we have delivering any combination of Fire Dragons, Fuegan, or a Vortex Grenade to anywhere on the map along with 9 lances under super heavy shield range. I rely on Dark Eldar Jetbikes to take down Warhounds first turn, but I would love to zip around with Fortune as well.

    Here are the formations I personally take to include Dark Eldar allies:


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